title sequences

The goal for this title sequence was to portray our favourite web-slinger in a unique, fresh way. A fractal illustration that I made earlier this year is used as the main canvas. An aggressive guitar with a hard beat (shout out to my boy Childish Gambino) is used to go along with the sharp edges of the illustration.

One of the obstacles for this project was to keep every frame consistent and cohesive. This was achieved by studying the other Marvel/Netflix series title sequences to see what they all had in common. This piece was made to be a metaphorical installment to Marvel’s line of tv shows.

This short retro title sequence was inspired by Stranger Things, Tron, and Ironman. The old retro feel in this video is achieved with many simple tricks, such as a low frame rate, a very subtle flicker, some slight colour-shifting, and some other things. You may recognize the font from the cover of Stephen King’s novel The Dead Zone.